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Pool maintenance and renovation

Zwembadonderhoud en renovatie Var Frankrijk

Bas has become a pool specialist after more than 20 years of experience, as well as maintenance is concerned as for renovations. We have a partnership with a local company for products, installations, parts and for technical back-up, since 2003.
We offer different types of maintenance contracts. For more information or a quotation for your pool, please contact us. Don’t forget to mention the size of the pool and the type of filtration system.

Renovation of the filter system
The different type of filtration systems such as salt, chloride and bromine are very well known to us. We can provide in the delivery and installation of all these types, as well as modifying existing systems. If you need advice and/or installation on pool heating systems, please contact our experienced pool specialist Bas.

Renovation of the existing mosaic tiles by grouting them (partially), or replacing a liner, or renovation of the skimmers, do not hesitate to ask us about the possibilities and prices.